Pool Safety Checklist

You must be able to check all the boxes below. If you are not able to select them all see our suggestions below.


  • Secure and in good working order
  • No more than 100mm from the ground
  • Should be at least 1.2m high
  • No vertical gaps more than 100mm apart
If unchecked, replace fence panels.
If unchecked, secure panels
If unchecked, check and fix fence
If unchecked, reduce the gap
If unchecked, check and replace

Around The Fence

  • Pool aids and toys should be stored securely and out of view
  • Objects that could be used to climb the fence should be removed from the area
If unchecked, store objects away from fence
If unchecked, store toys securely
If unchecked, trim trees and shrubs

Pumps Grates and Suction

  • Ensure that no fitting is broken or missing
If unchecked, secure loose fittings and replace broken or missing fittings
If unchecked, show all people where to switch off the pump prior to using the pool
If unchecked, long hair should be tied back or under a cap


  • Adult supervision in combination with pool fencing is the most effective method of preventing your child from drowning
If unchecked, always supervise your child around water
If unchecked, an adult should always be supervising children
If unchecked, an adult should always be supervising children


  • Up to date CPR and First Aid Skills
  • Resuscitation Sign prominent in pool area
If unchecked, enrol in a CPR or First Aid course
If unchecked, buy a First Aid Kit
If unchecked, buy and install Resuscitation Sign


  • Should be stored securely, out of view and out of children’s reach
If unchecked, always store chemicals out of reach of children
If unchecked, purchase and use appropriate protective equipment
If unchecked, always add chemicals to water NOT water into chemicals
If unchecked, always use clean original chemical containers to mix chemicals
If unchecked, always read the instructions before using
  • Disclaimer- This checklist is of a general nature only and is designed to provide education only. Pool owners will need to consult a qualified pool inspector as of 1st Dec 2015.