Frequently Asked Questions

A Quick Guide to all your Pool Questions and Answers

The problem may be the water has no chlorine in it and the sun has turned the pool green. Organisms can form and can cause health problems as they multiply at a tremendous rate. Once growth starts, one algae spore can turn into ten million in approximately 10 hours. The best way to eliminate this problem is to ensure continuous and efficient recirculation of the water through a filter. In addition to this, it’s necessary to destroy any organism that exists by chlorinating the water and adding an algaecide. When added to the pool in sufficient quantity, chlorine will effectively kill any bacteria that may be present. However, in order for it to work effectively the pH value must be checked and adjusted. This will clear the pool up and may then require a water polish.
The most common reasons for a pump sucking air is the pump lid is cracked, or maybe the o-ring under the rim is broken or dirty. The inlet could be cracked or your autocleaner may have a hole in the hose or the water level may be too low. The solution is to check water levels are ok and no vortexing in the skimmer box or that the weir door isn’t stuck in the closed position. Replace pump lid and O’Ring.
Two main reasons for this to occur are a lack of chlorine or a pH level that is too high.
The problem could be a high bathing load (high pool usage) the solution may be as simple as a shock treatment. It could be the start of algae growth. The solution to that would be to do a super-chlorination of your pool. Incorrect water balance could also be the cause of cloudiness. If this is the case, check and adjust your chemical levels. Poor filtration is another cause of cloudy pools. To rectify this simply clean or repair your filter and baskets.
In North Queensland if we have had a few hot days you’ll notice that the water in the pool will drop naturally by evaporation. Check out the following link it will tell you the rates, If it continues to drop at an accelerated rate you need to look for other problems that may be occurring. These would include a leaky pool liner, possibly the hydrostatic valve in the main drain at the bottom of the pool floor is leaking or the multiport valve on the filter is leaking down the backwash or a connecting pipe is leaking. You could also have problems with your pump as it could be leaking or there could be a more serious problem of a cracked pipe underground. The basic rule of thumb is that through the summer months two to three centimeters of evaporation in any pool over a week is quite normal, anything more than this and you should investigate the problem. The solution to saving water is as simple as having a pool blanket installed, since we have to pay for our water now this will save you a lot of dollars.
Check and clear the pump and skimmer basket of any leaves. Check the pressure and back wash your sand filter or hose out your cartridge filter or even soak in filter cleaner in extreme cases. The cleaner may be blocked with leaves or rocks etc. also check the hose for cracks and its been fitted correctly to the vac plate. Other solutions include adjusting the autocleaner speed and returns/ eyeballs or your autocleaner may need replacement parts. Or your pool may need to be fitted with a Pool Leaf skimmer, this collects the leaves before the sink to the floor.
Firstly and most common problem is that bearings are starting to wear and are not as efficient as they should be. The simple course of action to take here is to have them replaced. Secondly is that the impeller may have picked up a stone or debris and the pump may need to be cleaned out. Thirdly low water level or poor water flow may be the problem. You can reduce the cost in running of your pump by up to 70% by upgrading to a Astral Viron pump, while reducing your carbon footprint.
Firstly check that the cell is clean and not blocked up with calcium, if so clean in Cell clean. Secondly make sure there is enough water flow through the cell, check water level in pool and clear baskets. Thirdly check the salt level. If the level is low it will cause your chlorinator to be inefficient. Lastly you could also have a worn cell in your chlorinator that needs replacement, your chlorinator box is not working or the cell leads are not connected or need replacing.

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