Willows Pool Shop Servicing

Take the hassle and worry out of looking after your pool or spa by enlisting the helpwillows-pool-shop-services1 of our convenient mobile pool service.
Willows Pool Shop, located in Kirwan, Townsville has 7 fully equipped mobile vans available for installations, cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

We specialize in

  • Cleaning
  • Water Balance
  • Equipment installations
  • On-Site troubleshooting
  • Equipment repairs
  • Swimming Pool leak detection
  • Green Pool clean up
  • Automatic pool cleaner problems
  • Surface staining
  • Algae removal
  • Chlorinator faults
  • On-Site pool maintenance training

Green Pool Restoration

A green pool is not only unsightly; it is also a breeding ground for disease and a potential death trap.

Using proven methods and qualified pool technicians, Willows Pool Shop tackles the tough green pools that others walk away from.

Our methods and our use of quality chemicals means you pay less for a better job. At the end of the service we return to you a working and fully balanced swimming pool, ready to be enjoyed.

On Site Service & Repairs

At Willows Pool Shop every member of our team receives quality industry training, so you can rest assured your equipment is correctly installed to manufacturer and industry standards.

We offer a comprehensive mobile service facility for all types of vinyl, fibreglass and concrete pools and spas, and for all brands of equipment. We also stock an extensive range of spare parts so we can fix any issue with minimal downtime.

Our fully qualified technicians’ can perform manufacture-directed services to help prevent costly breakdowns, and is available for the cleaning and/or changing of the filter media in your system, along with the inspection and service of multiport valves.

We offer a two stage cleaning service for cartridge filters which is ideal for both pools and spas, and can detect and repair leaks in above and below ground pools.

Our large mobile fleet is ready to respond to all your pool service and repair needs.


During On Site Services we provide the following service:

  • Leaf scooping surface debris
  • Brushing/scrubbing water line debris
  • Vacuuming pool floor, steps and swim outs
  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets
  • Filter clean, back washing or cartridge clean
  • For salt pools a clean of the electrode
  • Equipment inspection
  • Equipment maintenance when required
  • Water analysis and chemical application
  • Algae removal


Maintaining a swimming pool or spa can seem like a daunting process. That’s why Willows Pool Shop offers a customised training service for new pool owners and tenants alike.

We can demonstrate how a simple ‘preventative’ maintenance routine can keep your pool or spa in pristine condition. We have training programs for those who are new to pool or spa ownership, through to those who may just need a refresher course or familiarisation on their new pool and equipment.

Property managers and tenants can also gain invaluable knowledge with our training programs.


There are many reasons why a comprehensive report on the condition of your pool or spa could be of value

These include:

• The identification of issues prior to an agreement to purchase a property. We can provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the swimming pool, equipment and fencing, before your clients finalise the purchase offer.
• Assistance with dispute resolution at the end of tenancy. We can provide a comprehensive report prior to tenants moving in.

We maintain and advise on the standard of your pool fence so that it is up to Council standard and compliant with the new pool rules that came into effect as of 1st Dec 2015.

Problem Solving

Our qualified team is fully equipped to solve all of your pool and spa problems.

Willows Pool Shop can assist with faults, such as:

  • Equipment Failures
  • Leaking Pipe Work
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Problems
  • Surface Staining
  • Algae Removal
  • Chlorination Faults
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Spa’s


willows-pool-shop-services2If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Our mobile vans can bring equipment to you and install onsite at very reasonable rates. Ensure your equipment is correctly installed to manufacturer and industry standards with Willows Pool Shop.


Please contact us for a free no obligation quote when you mention this offer.

“Keeping You Swimming”