Pool Accessories

Have a pool? Need accessories? see us at Willows Pool Shop, Kirwan, Townsville. We have a range of Noria/Focus Accessories Suitable for both inground and above-ground pools. Numerous product combinations are available to suit all pool sizes and finishes.

Aussie Gold Cleaning Equipment


Algae Brushes:

ACE: BX Stainless Steel Brush
ACE: BP Heavy Duty Nylon


Pool Brooms:

ACE: BN Nylon Pool Broom

ace-vb-noria-accessories-570x390 ace-vf-noria-accessories-570x390

Pool Vaccum Heads:

ACE: VB Ideal for Vinyl Liner Surface Pool surfaces

ACE: VF Ideal for Pebble, Fibreglass and Concrete Pool surfaces

ace-s-noria-accessories-570x390 ace-r-noria-accessories-570x390

Pool Scoops and Rakes:

Vacumm Heads:

1 CVF502-A Vacuum Head Flexible with non-slip rubber wheels

2 CVB501-A Vacuum Head All-Brush


A close-up of exclusive Aussie Gold bumper edge and non-slip rubber wheels.

Hang 'n' Hold - Pool Hose & Pole Holder

Hang ‘n’ Hold – Pool Hose & Pole Holder:

MPH110 Hang ‘n’ Hold Pool Hose and Pole

Holder set of 2

Keep the pool are tidy. Quick and easy storage for your telscopic pole, pool hose and cleaning equipment. Screws included.

Telescopic Handles

Telescopic Handles:

CTH104 4 – 8 ft 1.2 m – 2.4 m

CTH110 6 – 12 ft 1.8 m – 3.6 m

1 CTH118 8 – 16 ft 2.4 m – 4.8 m

2 CTH115 8 – 16 ft Smooth Grip 2.4 m – 4.8 m

3 CTH120 8 – 16 ft Internal Cam 2.4 m – 4.8 m

CTH124 12 – 24 ft 3.6 m – 7.2 m

CTH132 16 – 32 ft 4.8 m – 9.6 m

Aussie Gold Telescopic Handles feature our ezy-lock internal or external locking cams and heavy duty wishbone clips.

Pool & Spa Vacuum

Pool & Spa Vacuum:

MPV001 Pool & Spa Vacuum

All in one cleaning tool creates suction that draws in water and debris from pool or spa.

Cleaning Equipment Spares

Cleaning Equipment Spares:

1 CPT709 Cam Set Internal All Telescopic Handles

2 CPT715 Cam Only All External Telescopic Handles

3 CPT705 Cam Only All Internal Telescopic Handless

4 CPT712 Handle Grip All Telescopic Handless

5 CPR530 Handle Aussie Gold/Swimsafe & Rake & Scoop

6 CPV529 Handle Aussie Gold/Swimsafe & Magnor Vac Head

7 CPR754 Rake Net Aussie Gold/Swimsafe Leaf Rake/Shovel/Magnor

8 CPS756 Scoop Net Aussie Gold/Swimsafe/Magnor

9 CPV762 Nut & Bolt Magnor Handle

10 CPR511 Nut & Bolt Aussie Gold/Swimsafe Rake & Scoop

11 CPV502 Split Pins Aussie Gold/Swimsafe Vac Heads

12 CPV785 Wheel Set of 8 Aussie Gold/Swimsafe & Magnor

13 CPT813 Wishbone Pool Clip Single

CPT820 Wishbone Pool Clip Bulk Pack 20 (not shown)

14 CPV267 Kwiksnap Wishbone Suits all U.S.A accessories

15 CPT413 Wishbone Magnor Single

16 CPL283 Wheel Set Suits most U.S.A Leaf Baggers

17 CPV245 Unidapt Handle Suits most U.S.A Vac Heads and Leaf Baggers

18 CPL227 Leaf Bag Suits most U.S.A Leaf Baggers

Commercial Vacuum Head

Commercial Vacuum Head:

CVA100 Aussie Gold Commercial Vacuum Head 19″ (47 cm)

Features include – swivel chromed alloy handle, urethane ball bearing adjustable height wheels, bottom scraper profile for quick & deeper cleaning (swivel wheels, suits 38 mm or 50 mm hoses)