Pool Toys

A large ranger of proven Recreation & Lifestyle accessories available in store.



Inflatable Products and Pumps

Dolphin Rider

Dolphin Rider:

LDR200 Dolphin Rider

Complete with two heavy duty bonded handles to help kids hold on. Inflated size measuring 160cm x 91cm. Recommended for 6 years and older.

Chill Out Ring Seat

Chill Out Ring Seat:

LPS300 Chill Out Ring Seat

Enjoy hot summer days chilling out, lounging around. This sit up ring seat allows free floating comfort and is perfect for the pool, beach, lake or river. Comes complete with ice compartment and drink holder.

Pool Cooler

Pool Cooler:

LPC100 Pool Cooler

Pool Cooler is a floating bar with detachable cooler bag. The cooler bag is a 18.5 litre ice compartment with zipper and shoulder strap. The bar has a large storage area for goodies and is complete with 5 drink holders. The product is made of durable PVC/Nylon. Pool Cooler measures 79×40 cm.



LLS050 Lay-About

Popular French-style mattress. Comfortable design with built-in pillow.

Pool Lounger

Pool Lounger:

LLS500 Pool Lounger

Large comfortable pool lounger. Features back and arm rest complete with drink holder. Converts to chair for poolside or patio use.

Beach Ball

Beach Ball:

LBS045 Beach Ball

Large 40cm diameter ball with great colours. Fun for all ages.

Pool Hammock

Pool Hammock:

LPH020 Pool Hammock

Perfect for those hot pool days. Your body is partly submerged to keep you cool and relaxed. Inflatable head and foot rest.

Shoot ‘N’ Hoops

Shoot ‘N’ Hoops:

LBS010 Shoot ‘N’ Hoops

Floating basketball game. Inflatable hoop with PVC ball, Slam Dunking fun!

Toddler Seat

Toddler Seat:

LTS001 Toddler Seat

Ideal for unshaded pools. The retractable shade will protect children from direct sunlight. Stable in the water and includes durable handle for adult supervision.

Arm Bands

Arm Bands:

LSA001 Arm Bands

The ideal flotation aid for children to increase water confidence. Suitable for ages 2-8 years. Features include multiple air chambers and safety valves. Exceeds Australian safety standards.

Vinyl Repair Kit

Vinyl Repair Kit:

MRL415 Vinyl Repair Kit

Suitable for all vinyl repairs, including pool liners and inflatable products. Effective on both dry and underwater surfaces.

Air Pumps

Air Pumps:

1 LAP113 Air Pump Bellows Foot Pump

2 LAP101 Air Pump Two Way Double Action

Recreation & Lifestyle

Under Water Kool Light O Scope

Under Water Kool Light O Scope:

MLS050 Kool Light O Scope

As the name suggests, Kool-Light-O-Scope is a Kaleidoscope of changing colours and patterns. Spinning LEDs create continually changing patterns of light and colour on the bottom and sides of the pool.

Ambience Glow Lantern

Ambience Glow Lantern:

MGL005 Ambience Glow Lantern

Create night magic with a fun and exciting light show. Set the mood with subtle lighting effects that add colourful ambience to any indoor or outdoor setting. Four different lighting effects to choose from.

Ambience Glow Garden

Ambience Glow Garden:

MGG025 Ambience Glow Garden

Create a warm and inviting environment. Brighten up your home, pool, spa or outdoor area with a bouquet of glowing colours. Displays four light programs (red, blue, green or cycle through all). Available in a variety of styles and colours.

Ambience Underwater Light Show - Small

Ambience Underwater Light Show – Small:

MLS002 Underwater Light Show – Small

A floating disco ball designed for home, spa and small above ground and splasher pools. Five exciting light patterns. Auto shut-off after one hour.

Ambience Underwater Light Show - Medium

Ambience Underwater Light Show – Medium:

MLS006 Underwater Light Show – Medium

A floating disco ball designed with the pool in mind. Get your groove on as colourful rays of dancing light bring an exciting party atmosphere to your backyard. Engulf your entire pool in a dramatic light show of patterns and colours. Five exciting light patterns. Auto shut-off after one hour.

Triple Tier Floating Fountain

Triple Tier Floating Fountain:

MFO333 Triple Tier Floating Fountain

Provides enchanting water patterns up to 5 metres in height and is suitable for inground and above ground pools. All necessary fittings included for easy installation. Turn your pool into an attractive water feature all year around.

Ambience Floating Candles

Ambience Floating Candles:

MFC005 White

MFC010 Pink

MFC016 Lavender

MFC020 Blue

Attractive floating candles create an enchanting visual display for any pool. Ideal for pool parties and backyard BBQs. Scented candle included.

Ambience Citronella Candles

Ambience Citronella Candles:

MRC010 Ambience Citronella Candles

Replacement pack of 6 candles. Repels mosquitos and biting insects. Available in 3 attractive colours. Candle holder designed to prevent wax spillover.

Party Pool

Party Pool:

MWE250 Party Pool 250ml Bottle

MWE212 Party Pool 12 x 250ml Pack

Party Pool creates an exotic deep blue temporary colour to pool water- ideal for that special party or BBQ. Two applications per 50,000 litre pool.

Party Pool


MCT050 Weatherwatch 4-1 Clock

The ultimate poolside weather station.Displays time, temperature, humidity and barometrical pressure. Ideal for all outdoor areas.

Toys & Games

Sub Jumpa

Sub Jumpa:

LSJ001 Sub Jumpa

Sub Jumpa, the world’s first underwater pogo stick. The Sub Jumpa is designed to provide hours of healthy and physical fun for the whole family. It enables the rider to perform cool underwater stunts and acrobatics whilst bouncing off pool walls and floors.



LSD230 Scoobarang

The only underwater throwing disk that boomerangs back to the thrower! Great for free-throwing or game competition. Patented composition and design. Soft latex outer surface for safety.



LSS015 Subskate – Blue

LSS010 Subskate – Orange

LSS017 Subskate – Pink

LSS023 Subskate – Green

The sensational leisure product taking the world by storm. The user takes the board underwater and then goes on a wild ride to the surface.

Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles:

LPN050 Pool Noodles

Noodles are bendable, never-ending floating fun whilst being very versatile for exercise. Packed in a display of 32 including combinations of blue, green,yellow, red, purple and orange. Each noodle measures 160 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Pocket Eliminator - Twin Pack

Pocket Eliminator – Twin Pack:

LSM010 Pocket Eliminator – Twin Pack

The pint sized member of the Eliminator family, but don’t be fooled. The pair of fun pocket rockets blasts a powerful jet of water which makes them ideal for any outdoor water environment. Comes in a sealed pack of two and is supplied in an attractive shelf ready display.

Mini Eliminator

Mini Eliminator:

LES912 Mini Eliminator

A mini version of the eliminator, just as powerful and easier to use for younger children.



LES002 Eliminator

The pump action water blaster disguised as a pool noodle, shoots over 10 metres (30ft). Rule the pool this summer!



LSB005 Terminator

The Mini Eliminator with muscle. Take aim and fire with the grab and twist handle bars which makes it easier than ever to find the right arm position for maximum spraying power. Shoots up to 10 meters.

Blade Blaster

Blade Blaster:

LBS059 Blade Blaster

The ultimate pool weapon! Built-in launcher propels foam rocket up to 6 metres. Shoots a jet- blast of water up to 8 metres, also doubles as pool sword for wet n’ wild pool duels. Soft foam construction exceeds safety standards.

Splash ‘N’ Skim

Splash ‘N’ Skim:

LSD500 Splash ‘N’ Skim

Splash ‘n’ Skim. Skim it, Splash it. The flying disc that skips, skims and splashes across all water surfaces up to 15 meters. Show off your skimming skills. Pack includes three skim discs made of soft foam, so that the whole family can safely enjoy Splash ‘n’ Skim.

Surf Rider

Surf Rider:

LSS042 Surf Rider

Awesome finger blaster action, life-like surfer dude glides across any water surface. Three exciting surfboard designs to collect.

Pool Fling

Pool Fling:

LSP040 Pool Fling

Flexible rim pool frisbee, easy to grab, great indoor/outdoor action. Watch as you throw for the inflight rainbow effect.

Sling ‘N’ Splash

Sling ‘N’ Splash:

LSS500 Sling ‘N’ Splash

Sling it. Splash it. A sling shot for the pool and any outdoor water venue. The Sling ‘N’ Splash provides radical splashing fun. For long distance surprise attacks and major splashes, nothing can beat the Sling ‘N’ Splash for hours of family fun. Comes with a launcher and 4 soft splash bombs.

Zip ‘N’ Splash

Zip ‘N’ Splash:

LZS720 Zip ‘N’ Splash

This waterbomb zips back and forth between players. The faster the zip, the bigger the splash!



LHY007 Hydroyo

A world first pool yoyo! Soak it then spin it and watch out for the huge spray! Great for use in or out of the pool.

Kanga Ball

Kanga Ball:

LKS100 Kanga Ball pack of 2

The amazing skimming ball. Hops, skips and jumps across the water.

Dive ‘N’ Match

Dive ‘N’ Match:

LDM609 Dive ‘n’ Match

Dive n’ Match underwater memory game. Toss shells into the water flip’em and make a match. 3 sets to collect. BONUS pair of goggles included.

Dive ‘N’ Grab

Dive ‘N’ Grab:

LDG469 Dive ‘N’ Grab

Dive n grab tubes are made from soft, safe and flexible fabric material. Patent pending design makes these tubes easy to chase and grab onto.

Shark Attack Game

Shark Attack Game:

LDS115 Shark Attack Dive Game pack of 3

Weighted dive sharks. Flashing LED light up automatically in water for night and day play.

Under The Sea Reef Diving Adventure

Under The Sea Reef Diving Adventure:

LDS100 Under The Sea Reef Diving Game

New luminescent design!

Fish fins and tail glow in the dark for night play. Dive game with four tropical fish and catching nets. Fish descend in different directions. Great for competition play.

Diving Games

Diving Games:

1 LDS005 Dive Sticks

Child safe – soft and bendable pack of 6

2 LDR001 Dive Rings pack of 6

3 LDD015 Dive Discs pack of 6

Great White Alley

Great White Alley:

LGW004 Great White Alley

No need to fear this great white! Just swim through and defang his lower teeth! Pull out all the teeth on the same dive and chase them to the surface. Shark head and teeth made from soft foam material.

Splashwak Totem Tennis

Splashwak Totem Tennis:

LTT218 Splashwak Totem Tennis

A backyard favourite now available for your pool! Waterbomb ball allows for huge splashes as you play. Extra springy paddles great for speedy play.

Bullzeye Pool Archery

Bullzeye Pool Archery:

LPA017 Bullzeye Pool Archery

Become the Robin Hood of your pool! Test your accuracy and claim the highest points score. Soft and flexible arrows ensure safety play and bow can then be used as a water launcher! Pool and backyard fun for everyone.

Pool Petz

Pool Petz:

LPP010 Pool Petz – Red Ripper

LPP040 Pool Petz – Blue Zipper

Exciting range of colourful battery operated fish. Pool Petz swim just under the water surface in a life-like motion. Popular with both kids and adults.

Spike ‘N’ Splash

Spike ‘N’ Splash:

LGV458 Spike ‘N’ Splash Pool Volleyball

Great fun in the pool, park or backyard. Commercial quality net will provide years of fun for the whole family. Competition volleyball included.



LWS010 Splashdown Waterbomb Football


15cm sponge football great for water fights and mega splashes! Now available in attractive display carton.