Pool Chorinators

We are Willows Pool Shop, Kirwan Townsville will assist you enjoy your own swimming pool without the hassle of daily care. With the range of Chlorinators to suit any pool and type, all with the latest technology to allow you to use fewer chemicals in your swimming pool or spa and still enjoy clean, clear sparkling water.



AstralPool Salt Chlorinators:

Viron Salt Chlorinator:

Viron pH Salt Chlorinator

AstralPool’s Viron Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability.

The Viron Salt Chlorinator’s advanced electronic power supply provides pure DC power to maximise the efficiency of the electrodes to product the highest level of chlorine for the lowest power consumption, reducing your energy costs and keeping your pool safe and healthy.

Manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine can be haphazard. Over-dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine odour. The Viron Salt Chlorinator continually generated chlorine at the level you require allowing you to set and forget.

With easy to use touch pad, intelligent self-cleaning of the cell, pool or spa dosing control and also a filter backwash timer you can’t go past the Viron Salt Chlorinator to make your pool healthy and enjoyable.

Features & Benefits

* Energy efficient switch mode power supply

* Robust reliable construction

* intelligent self-cleaning

* Touch pad and time clock control

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Viron pH Salt Chlorinator:


AstralPool’s new Viron pH Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability.

to be accurate, salt or minerals don’t sanitise the pool, chlorine does. Salt or minerals, when dissolved into your pool water are converted by the Viron pH Salt Chlorinator into chlorine which sanitises your pool. The salts or minerals pass thought the electrolytic plates in the Viron chlorinator cell to form chlorine which kills all the contaminants within the pool and prevents bacteria and algae from forming.

But the process of producing the chlorine from salt actually increases the pH of your pool water. When the pH increases, the chlorine becomes less effective, requiring even higher levels of chlorine to keep your water crystal clean. So the Viron pH Salt Chlorinator incorporates a very smart pH sensor and automatically adjusts the pH to optimal levels.

Optimal pH creates even softer water, requires lower levels of chlorine to be effective and kill bacteria and algae, and creates brilliant clear water. The correct pH of your pool water helps eliminate algae, reduces chlorine demand, and eliminates the need to manually dose acid to balance the water.

Features & Benefits

* Energy efficient switch mode power supply

* Automatically balances water

* Intelligent self-cleaning

* Reduces chlorine and saves power

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E Series:


The E Series Salt Chlorinator offers affordable, reverse polarity self cleaning technology in a simple to use, easy to install yet robust and reliable product.

This legendary reliability has now been incorporated into a low cost, reverse polarity, self cleaning salt chlorinator – the E Series Salt Chlorinator.

Using the same platform as the renowned VX, the E Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for most sized residential swimming pools.

VX Series Salt Chlorinator:

VX Series Salt Chlorinator

Hurlcon VX Reverse Polarity Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinators mean continuously pure, shimmering, crystal clear water. Features includes 50mm water connections on cell housing, self cleaning by reversing polarity to maximize cell life and Electronic control with Genus IV Remote Control.

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